José Manuel Estrada (Argentina, 1842-94)

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José Manuel Estrada was a key actor when ideals of Catholics and liberals clashed in Argentina during the final decades of the nineteenth century. His life and work indeed had an impact on the shaping of an Argentine identity. This chapter, through the lens of Estrada’s life and work, portrays the interplay of law, religion, history, and society in the southern part of the Americas. The chapter offers biographical information on this fundamental actor, placing his life and work within the local tradition. Further attention is devoted to history and constitutional law, since Estrada devoted much effort to studying and teaching in these two areas. The chapter finally alights on the role that Christianity played in holding together the mosaic of interests that absorbed Estrada’s life and work.
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationLaw and the Christian Tradition in Latin America: The Work of Great Jurists
EditorsM.C. Mirow, R. Domingo
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