Farsighted Rationality

Dominik Karos, Laura Kasper

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Farsighted deviations are based on agents' abilities to compare the outcome of a farsighted deviation to the status quo. However, agents do not account for deviations by others in case they do not change the status quo; so, they are not fully farsighted. We use extended expectation functions to capture a coalition's belief about subsequent moves of other coalitions in both cases. We provide three stability and optimality axioms on coalition behavior and show that an expectation function satisfies these axioms if and only if it corresponds to an equilibrium of the abstract game that is stable with respect to coalitional deviations. We provide applications of our solution for games in characteristic function form and matching problems.
Original languageEnglish
PublisherMaastricht University, Graduate School of Business and Economics
Publication statusPublished - 26 Apr 2018

Publication series

SeriesGSBE Research Memoranda

JEL classifications

  • c71 - Cooperative Games
  • c72 - Noncooperative Games


  • abstract games
  • farsighted stability
  • expectation functions
  • coalition stable equilibrium


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