Demand-side innovation policies at regional level

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Several recent studies report on the recent up-take of demand-side innovationpolicies, but they merely focus on the national policy level. Moreover, these studiesfocus on specific types of demand-side measures, such as regulation andstandardisation, which may not be the most relevant policies to increase the demandfor innovations at the regional level. This thematic paper of the Regional InnovationMonitor addresses demand-side innovation policies at regional level.In the literature many authors have emphasised the importance of the demand-side ofinnovation. Involving users and interaction with public and or private users isessential for the dynamics in innovation systems. However, the implementation oftargeted demand-side innovation policies is a rather recent trend

(4) (PDF) Demand-side innovation policies at regional level. Available from: [accessed Feb 14 2023].
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Publication statusPublished - 2015

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