Cosmic Battles

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I know that when I am thinking about a topic, I start to see the world through the lens of that topic. Whatever I read or listen to starts to be evaluated from the perspective of that subject sitting in my frontal cortex. I weigh, value, and begin to build an argument based on the fragments coming from all these different sources. The poet in me visualizes it as sewing a patchwork quilt. In fact, I have this mental image of my grandmother, who was a master quilt maker and whose quilts are found throughout my house, when I stitch together ideas to form a new whole.

Knowing this about my thought process led to some self-reflection since I realized that I have been thinking about deep divergences in society whether it is about political ideology, demographics, or economics. I want to know the sources of these divisions, who is pushing polarity and why?
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 22 Nov 2021

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