LAWNOTATION (€ 598.633,60)

  • van Dijck, Gijs (Recipient), Liepiņa, Rūta (Recipient), Wieling, Martijn (Recipient), Vols, Michel (Recipient), Engers, Tom (Recipient), Dari-Mattiacci, Guiseppe (Recipient), Bodó, Balázs (Recipient), Janssen, Andre (Recipient), Ortolani, Pietro (Recipient), Wolters, Pieter (Recipient) & Bex, Floris (Recipient)

Prize: Prize (including medals and awards)Academic


LAWNOTATION is an initiative of the Digital Legal Studies cluster in the Sectorplan Social Sciences and Humanities (SSH) – Rechtsgeleerdheid and other Dutch universities that are collaboratively working on questions related to the digitalisation of law. The legal research community lacks the availability of data, tools, and platforms that allow for the computational analysis of legal data. This project aims to develop an infrastructure that enables SSH researchers to systematically analyze legal documents such as legislation and court decisions.
The proposed infrastructure will offer the following functionalities:
- Access to and sharing of data – making legal data and annotation schemes (current and future) accessible for annotation and analysis purposes.
- Annotation platform – developing and offering annotation software and schemas in order to analyze the linguistic and legal characteristics of legal documents.
- Interface – access to data, the annotation schemes, and the annotation software will be offered through a user-friendly interface.

A team of developers will work closely together with SSH researchers on the improved access to legal materials, which will benefit SSH researchers as well as society as a whole. The infrastructure will be embedded within CLARIAH-WP3 (Linguistics) and CLARIAH-WP6 (Text).
Granting OrganisationsPDI-SSH