2019/2020 CERiM Communicating Europe Award for Research-Teaching Integration

Prize: Prize (including medals and awards)Academic


Awarded to Afke Groen and myself for our work on the FASoS Teaching & Learning Blog. The FASoS Teaching & Learning Blog offers teaching staff a platform for the exchange of ideas, best practices and opinions. Published posts discuss particular challenges and situations in problem-based learning, novel ways of student assessment, interactive lecturing, online teaching and learning and so on. Contributors include both FASoS and non-FASoS staff. The FASoS Teaching & Learning Blog was set up by Patrick Bijsmans and Afke Groen in early 2018. They edited the blog together until early 2020, when Afke took on a new job at the Hans van Mierlo Stichting in the Hague. Since March 2020 the blog is curated and edited by Patrick, together with Diede Diederiks and Mirko Reithler.
OrganisationsCERiM - Centre for European Research in Maastricht