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  • Parliamentary Deployment Votes Database Version 3

    Ostermann, F. (Creator), Baciu, C. (Contributor), Böller, F. (Contributor), Čepo, D. (Contributor), Christiansen, F. J. (Contributor), Coticchia, F. (Contributor), Fonck, D. (Contributor), Herranz Surralles, A. (Contributor), Kaarbo, J. (Contributor), Kim, J. H. (Contributor), Kučmáš, K. (Contributor), Lagassé, P. (Contributor), Martill, B. (Contributor), McDonagh, K. (Contributor), Onderco, M. (Contributor), Pedersen, R. B. (Contributor), Raunio, T. (Contributor), Reykers, Y. (Contributor), Sonneveld, R. (Contributor), Smetana, M. (Contributor), Tago, A. (Contributor), Terzi, Ö. (Contributor), Trainauskiene, S. (Contributor), Vignoli, V. (Contributor) & Wagner, W. (Contributor), Harvard Dataverse, 20 Jul 2021

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