PhD examination

To Protect or to Eliminate: Tensions within Policies of Statelessness

Maarten Vink (Assessment committee member)

5 Jul 2018

Activity: PhD examinationAcademic

Counting for EU enlargement? Census-taking in Croatia, Bosnia and Macedonia

H. Schmeets (Supervisor), , Gergana Noutcheva (Co-supervisor), , Petar Petrov (Co-supervisor), , Tannelie Blom (Assessment committee chair), , Esther Versluis (Assessment committee member), & Aneta Spendzharova (Assessment committee member)

26 Sep 2018

Activity: PhD examinationAcademic

Transnational Migration, Postcolonial Ties and Mobility Partnerships Between the EU and Third Countries: A Comparative Study

Patricia Jeronimo (Supervisor), & Maarten Vink (Co-supervisor)

16 Sep 2018

Activity: PhD examinationAcademic

Migration, family separation and caregiving across borders

Valentina Mazzucato (Supervisor), , Bilisuma Dito (Co-supervisor), , S. van Walsum (Supervisor), & Elisabeth Wesseling (Assessment committee chair)

6 Dec 2018

Activity: PhD examinationAcademic

Common standards via the backdoor : The domestic impact of asylum policy coordination in the European Union

Thomas Christiansen (Supervisor), , Maarten Vink (Supervisor), , Christine Neuhold (Assessment committee chair), & Thomas Conzelmann (Assessment committee member)

20 Mar 2015

Activity: PhD examinationAcademic