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Re-shaping Sustainability Science for the 21st Century: Young Scientists’ Perspectives

Schinko, T., Borgomeo, E., Dufva, M., Figge, L. & Schipfer, F., 2017.

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Transformative Change for an Inclusive Society: Insights from Social Innovations and Implications for Policy Innovation and innovation Policy

Weaver, P., Backhaus, J., Pel, B. and Rach, S. , 2017, (TRANSIT Project Working Paper #9).

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“New economic” logics and urban sustainability transitions

Longhurst, N., Avelino, F., Wittmeyer, J., Weaver, P., Dumitru, A., Heilscher, S., Cipolla, C., Afonso, R., Kunze, I. and Elle, M. , 2017, (TRANSIT working paper # 8).

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On the agency and dynamics of transformative social innovation

Haxeltine, A., Jørgensen, M., Pel, B., Dumitru, A., Avelino, F., Bauler, T., Lema Blanco, I., Chilvers, J., Cipolla, C., Dorland, J., Elle, M., Garido, S., Kemp, R., Kunze, I., Longhurst, N., Pataki, G., Rach, S., Renema, J., Ruijsink, S., Strasser, T., Tawakol, D., Weaver, P. and Wittmayer, J., Nov 2016, TRANSIT , (TRANSIT Working Paper #7).

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Transitions to new economies: A transformative social innovation perspective

Avelino, F., Wittmayer, J., Dumitru, A., Longhurst, N., Hielscher, S., Weaver, P., Cipolla, C., Afonso, R., Kunze, I., Dorland, J., Elle, M., Pel, B., Strasser, T., Kemp, R., and Haxeltine A. , Sep 2015, TRANSIT , (Working paper; No. 3).

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Game changers and transformative social innovation: the case of the economic crisis and the new economy

Kemp, R. & Avelino, F., Wittmayer, j., Haxeltine, A., Kemp, R., O’Riordan, T., Weaver, P., Loorbach, D. and Rotmans, J, 2014, TRANSIT , (TRANSIT Working Paper; No. 1).

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Understanding innovation system build up: The rise and fall of the Dutch PV Innovation System

Vasseur, V., Negro, SO., van Sark, W. & Hekkert, MP., 2009, Innovation Studies Utrecht (ISU), p. 1, 34 p. (ISU working paper series; No. 9).

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Diffusion Paths for Micro Cogeneration Using Hydrogen in the Netherlands

Taanman, M. A., de Groot, A., Kemp, R. P. M. & Verspagen, B., 1 Jan 2006, onbekend: MERIT, 42 p. (UNU-MERIT Working Papers; No. 2006-025).

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