PCF05: fMRI data in a Pavlovian delay threat conditioning task with four visual CS with different rates of electrical US

  • Karita E. Ojala (Creator)
  • Antoine Lutti (Creator)
  • Benedikt Poser (Creator)
  • Athina Tzovara (Creator)
  • Dominik R. Bach (Creator)



This data set includes selected functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) data supplementing an article. The data include:

1. Untresholded Statistical Parametric Maps (SPMs) and beta images (BOLD signal estimates) for relevant contrasts for the GLMs reported in the article
2. Region-of-interest (ROI) masks: anatomical ROIs with combined hemispheres, and masks created from significant BOLD signal clusters from the whole-brain analyses
3. Summary data files for mean beta (BOLD signal estimate) values and their within-subject errors for each ROI

Details of the experimental paradigm as well as of the fMRI data acquisition and analysis can be found in the associated article.
Date made available10 Jul 2020

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