Data: Reward and punishment in a team contest



This is the database for the article Reward and Punishment in a Team Contest. A team contest entails both public good characteristics within the teams as well as a contest across teams. In an experimental study, we analyse behaviour in such a team contest when allowing to punish or to reward other team members. Moreover, we compare two types of contest environment: One in which two teams compete for a prize and another one in which we switch off the between-group element of the contest. We find that reward giving, as opposed to punishing, induces higher contributions to the team contest. Furthermore, expenditures on rewarding other co-players are significantly higher than those for punishing.
Date made available6 Aug 2020
Temporal coverageJun 2012 - Jun 2014
Date of data production1 Jul 2014


  • Experiment
  • Reward
  • Punishment
  • Contest

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