Data and Code for: Spillover effects of Institutions on Cooperative Behavior, Preferences, and Beliefs

  • Florian Engl (Creator)
  • Arno Riedl (Creator)
  • Roberto Weber (Creator)



These files contain the data and code for the journal article "Spillover Effects of Institutions on Cooperative Behavior, Preferences, and Beliefs ", American Economic Journal: Microeconomics. Most institutions are limited in scope. We study experimentally how enforcement institutions affect behavior, preferences and beliefs beyond their direct influence over the behaviors they control. Groups play two identical public good games, with cooperation institutionally enforced in one game. Institutions generally have economically significant positive spillover effects to the unregulated game. We also observe that institutions enhance conditional cooperation preferences and beliefs about others’ cooperativeness, suggesting that both factors are drivers of observed spillover effects. In additional treatments, we provide evidence for several factors, including characteristics of institutions, that enhance or limit the effectiveness and scope of spillover effects.
Date made available21 Oct 2021

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