Thousand euros retraining budget: good incentive or wasted tax money?

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Annemarie Künn appeared in - February - 2022 

Period1 Feb 2022

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Media coverage

  • TitleThousand euros retraining budget: good incentive or wasted tax money?
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    DescriptionA course in hypnosis techniques, snapchat training or
    mindfulness at work: from 1 March, almost everyone can follow such training courses with a subsidy from the government. Every year, 1000 euros per person is available, from a total subsidy pot of approximately 200 million euros. Experts expect a proliferation of courses and wonder whether the grant will help where it is needed most. The Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment says it will closely monitor the scheme and adjust it where necessary. At the moment the so-called STAP budget cannot be applied for yet, but various companies and training institutes are already offering courses that can be followed from March with this subsidy.
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