PhDs for Dummies #6 - Professor Roberta Haar

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By Sam van Schaik

Today’s episode of PhDs for Dummies features Roberta Haar, Professor of Foreign Policy Analysis and Transatlantic Relations at University College Maastricht. In our talk we speak about Roberta’s dissertation on Germany’s and Japan’s foreign policy in the Post-Cold War era. Besides that, we discuss the importance of academic theory in the social sciences and touch upon the differences between academic publications and conventional articles. Roberta proves to be an upright member of the academic community and provides genuine insights on Foreign Policy Analysis.

Make sure you give Roberta a listen - as I am convinced that you will enjoy listening to her contributions!

Period21 Mar 2021

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Media coverage


  • International Relations
  • Foreign Policy Analysis
  • German Foreign Policy
  • Japanese Foreign Policy
  • International Relations Theory