Online Bettors Can Sniff Out Weak Psychology Studies

  • Paul Smeets

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Paul Smeets was interviewed about a large replication study of articles published in Science and Nature 

Period7 Aug 2018

Media coverage


Media coverage

  • TitleOnline Bettors Can Sniff Out Weak Psychology Studies
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    Media name/outletThe Atlantic
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    DescriptionPsychologists are in the midst of an ongoing, difficult reckoning. Many believe that their field is experiencing a “reproducibility crisis,” because they’ve tried and failed to repeat experiments done by their peers. Even classic results—the stuff of textbooks and TED talks—have proven surprisingly hard to replicate, perhaps because they’re the results of poor methods and statistical tomfoolery. These problems have spawned a community of researchers dedicated to improving the practices of their field and forging a more reliable way of doing science.
    Producer/AuthorEd Yong
    PersonsPaul Smeets