Data scientist MINDSETS podcast: Does ‘Wokeness’ Threaten Academic Freedom? with Dr. Constance Sommerey & Dr. Darian Meacham

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This time we invited Dr. Constance Sommerey and Dr. Darian Meacham. Constance is Director of the Diversity and Inclusivity Office of Maastricht University (UM) and Darian currently is Associate Professor of Philosophy here at UM.
They have a very engaging conversation about what 'wokeness' means for society, companies and academia and they also talk about the question whether 'wokeness' can even threaten the academic freedom?
This episode is very philosophical compared to previous talks, so definitely let us know what you think about it and which other topics you would like us to cover with Constance and Darian in the future. Just send us a direct message on Instagram, we are looking forward to hear from you.

Period29 Jun 2022

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Media contributions