Coal mining in Limburg

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For their daily news broadcast, EditieNL (part of RTL Nieuws) interviewed Michiel Bron - PhD Candidate in energy history - on the rescaling of Dutch coal-fired power plants in response to limited gas deliveries to Europe from Russia, the rising coal prices, and the possible similarities between the debates over the closure of coal mines during the oil crises in the 1970s and the closure of gas fields in Groningen today.

You can review the broadcast via your television provider (the item was broadcasted at 18:15 on RTL4 on Tuesday, June 21) or via this link:

Editie NL is a Dutch news program of RTL 4. It follows the RTL News in the RTL Nieuws BV. The program pays attention to backgrounds of national news and to subjects that do not make it into a regular news broadcast.

Period21 Jun 2022

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Media contributions