Artikel im Journal of Business Research „Corporate Digital Responsibility“

  • Lara Lobschat
  • Benjamin Mueller
  • Felix Eggers
  • Laura Brandimarte
  • Sarah Diefenbach
  • Mirja Kroschke
  • Jochen Wirtz

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Der Beitrag bietet einen sehr guten Überblick über das Thema CDR und stellt unter anderem ein erstes wissenschaftliches Framework vor,  in dem zum Beispiel vier verschiedene Stakeholder von CDR thematisiert werden.

Period15 Apr 2020

Media coverage


Media coverage

  • TitleCorporate Digital Responsibility
    Degree of recognitionNational
    Media name/outletCorporate Digital Responsibility
    Media typeWeb
    DescriptionWe propose that digital technologies and related data become increasingly prevalent and that, consequently, ethical concerns arise. Looking at four principal stakeholders, we propose corporate digital responsibility (CDR) as a novel concept. We define CDR as the set of shared values and norms guiding an organization's operations with respect to four main processes related to digital technology and data. These processes are the creation of technology and data capture, operation and decision making, inspection and impact assessment, and refinement of technology and data. We expand our discussion by highlighting how to managerially effectuate CDR compliant behavior based on an organizational culture perspective. Our conceptualization unlocks future research opportunities, especially regarding pertinent antecedents and consequences. Managerially, we shed first light on how an organization's shared values and norms regarding CDR can get translated into actionable guidelines for users. This provides grounds for future discussions related to CDR readiness, implementation, and success.
    Producer/AuthorMarie Blachetta
    PersonsLara Lobschat, Benjamin Mueller, Felix Eggers, Laura Brandimarte, Sarah Diefenbach, Mirja Kroschke, Jochen Wirtz


  • Corporate Digital Responsibility (CDR)
  • Digital Technologies
  • Data
  • Ethics
  • Privacy
  • Organizational Culture