Understanding Cancer Through Evolutionary Game Theory

  • Katerina Stankova (Organiser)
  • Thuijsman, F. (Organiser)
  • Joel S Brown (Organiser)
  • Robert A. Gatenby (Organiser)

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Aim and Description

This workshop will bring together experts in evolutionary game theory, cancer biology, oncology and the intersection of these fields, in order to address topics in tumor growth and diversification, metastases, and cancer treatment from a game theoretic perspective. How can game theory help us with understanding, modeling, and treating cancer? What are its limitations? How can we adapt existing game theoretic models to make them more realistic? How can we use cancer data to test, parameterize and apply these models? How do we create a lockstep between models, experiments and clinical translation?

The workshop will provide a basis for new collaborations and research that will expand the state-of-the-art understanding, modeling and treatment of cancer. Moreover, we hope to include and inspire junior researchers. Creating a cadre of talented and informed scientists, mathematicians and oncologists addressing issues in cancer is vital to all societies. Having diverse and useful modeling and mathematical tools for conceptualizing and guiding research and therapy is a vital and cost effective means for insuring the best use of society’s expenditures on cancer.

At the end of the workshop, we will have a better understanding for how to create the next generation of cancer models in a manner that integrates with data, experiments, and clinical practice.
Period29 Jan 20182 Feb 2018
Event typeWorkshop
LocationLeiden, NetherlandsShow on map