The power of law for addressing climate change

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Law has a lot of potential for the urgent reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. Firstly, in our democratic societies law gives governments various tools to steer the behavior of companies and citizens towards a low carbon society. Governments can use their regulatory competences for phasing out fossil fuels, limiting emissions from farming, protecting forests, and promoting renewable energy and energy efficiency. While governments are legally required to adopt decisions carefully, thereby investigating and balancing interests that may be affected, there is ample room for effective regulatory action. Secondly, courts may be helpful in case governments fall short in their climate change regulations. Many court cases develop in various jurisdictions across the world. Nonetheless, the extent of which courts can really turn the tide is not clear yet. This means that history books from next centuries will teach: was it juristocracy rather than democracy that could set down emissions reduction interventions in our society?
Period6 Mar 2018
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