Keynote on Human Ads at EU-funded project on Influencer Marketing led by Youth Proaktiv

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Digital platforms are highly profitable businesses that connect users and other market actors in ways not possible before the internet. When they are successful, they generate powerful feedback loops and then monetize them by selling advertisements. They do generate trillions of dollars in wealth. But they have also enabled the distribution of fake news and fake products, manipulation of digital content for diverse purposes, and promotion of dangerous disinformation and misinformation, purposely or not, on elections, vaccines, and other public health and diverse matters.

The social dilemma is clear: Digital platforms can be used for evil as well as good. So what’s the solution? Should platform companies wait for governments to impose potentially intrusive controls? Or should they act pre-emptively?

With a self-regulatory system at this point, social media networks and the digital influencers marketing business operating within it, are under review to ensure the purposely development of a regulatory system that protects & empower all stakeholders involved in the process. Today, we have on the table representatives of all of them: platforms, influencers, brands and users & consumers, to better understand the pros & cons that this self-regulatory framework and an eventual stricter regulation do or will represent for all of them.
Period8 Jun 2021
Event title"The Influencers Trust Project: Quality and Reliable Social Media for All"
Event typeConference
LocationBrussel, BelgiumShow on map
Degree of RecognitionInternational