Interdisciplinary Summer School

  • Hardt, S. (Organiser)
  • Rosa Ristawati (Organiser)

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In attempts to push back the virus, many countries declared a state
of emergency, in which fundamental rights and freedoms – such as
privacy, free movement, or the right to assembly – were limited.
Covid19 has aggravated inequalities and highlighted cleavages
between rich and poor locally and between North and South globally.
In many countries, new social rifts and have opened between those who
support and those who reject measures taken to curb the pandemic.
As Indonesia and the world emerge from the Pandemic, law-makers,
regulators, and society at large must confront these developments.
New rules and policies must be made to accommodate new realities,
rebuild the economy, help those in need, and strengthen good
governance after a global crisis. This task of rebuilding presents
great challenges but also the opportunity to ‘build back better’, for
instance by taking sustainability goals and principles of good
governance in reopening strategies and post-pandemic policies.
This summer school – addressed to students and early-career
practitioners – approaches these challenges in an interdisciplinary
manner. In an intensive setting of stimulating lectures and interactive
workshops that stimulate exchange, students learn from
international and Indonesian experts and participate actively in
finding answers to the challenges of the post-pandemic era.
At the same time, this interdisciplinary summer school brings together
international researchers from both global North and global
background and from various disciplines with the aim of developing new
perspectives and stimulate research. The organizers of the summer
school aim to bundle publications resulting from this collaboration in
a special issue of an internationally reputed, peer-reviewed journal.
Period13 Jun 202230 Jun 2022
Event typeSeminar
LocationDenpasar, IndonesiaShow on map