Expert Group of the Development and Implications of Patent Law in the Field of Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering

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Members of the expert group (E02973) Chairman:  Mr Sven BOSTYN (Senior Lecturer in Intellectual Property Law at the University of Liverpool, BE) Reporters:  Mr Hannes ISERENTANT (Patent attorney at VIB - Flemish Institute of Biotechnology, BE)  Ms Clara SATTLER DE SOUSA E BRITO (Partner, ZSP Patentanwälte, Visiting Professor in IP, Universidade Católica Portuguesa, Lisbon, PT)  Mr Joseph TAORMINO (Senior Partner and Co-leader of the Biotechnology Group, Hoffmann Eitle, IT) Members:  Mr Andrew FARQUHARSON (Director, Technology Transfer, Medical Research Council Technology, UK)  Mr Robin JACOB (Professor of IP Law, UCL, former Judge of the Court of Appeal of England and Wales, UK)  Mr Anselm KAMPERMAN SANDERS (Professor on Intellectual Property Law at Maastricht University, NL)  Ms Sisko KNUTH-LEHTOLA (Patent attorney specializing in life sciences, Partner, Berggren Group, FI)  Mr Gautier PEREIRA (Senior Manager Legal in the pharmaceutical industry, FR)  Mr Pere PUIGDOMÈNECH (Research Professor, Centre of Research in Agricultural Genomics CSIC-IRTA-UAB-UB, ES)  Ms Ingrid SCHNEIDER (University Lecturer in the Department of Political Science and Senior Researcher at the Centre for Biotechnology, Society and Environment at University of Hamburg, DE)  Ms Szonja CSÖRGŐ (Director Intellectual Property and Legal Affairs, European Seed Association (ESA), HU)  Mr Christopher THEN (Coordinator at No Patents on Seeds!, DE)  Mr Peter WÜRTZ LINDUM (Patent attorney at Novozymes, on behalf of EuropaBio, DK)  Ms Siobhan YEATS (Director Biotechnology, European Patent Office)
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