Have you ever felt that the standard end of the course feedback questionnaire from students is not as helpful as you would want it to be? Do you feel that it does not adequately capture students' ideas and perceptions about their own interdisciplinary learning? In this workshop we would like to exchange ideas on ow to track students' own assessments of interdisciplinary learning. It is common at the end of a course or at the end of a year to ask students to fill in feedback questionnaires about their learning experience. Yet most questions relate to general learning goals and experiences and are not specifically oriented towards understanding how students experienced learning in an interdisciplinary way. We ask teachers to bring to the workshop examples of quantitative (through closed-ended questions) and qualitative (through open ended questions) ways that they ask students at the end of a course, a year or a program, to assess their own interdisciplinary learning. What questions best capture specific aspects of interdisciplinarity? What questions did not work as well as you had hoped and why? And what kinds of insights did the outcomes bring to you that helped you to improve the course/year/program?
Period16 Oct 2021
Event title2021 Virtual Conference: 43rd Annual Association for Interdisciplinary Studies Conference: Interdisciplinary Collaboration: Navigating Between Generosity and Rigor
Event typeConference
LocationCedar City, United States, UtahShow on map
Degree of RecognitionInternational