Beyond monkey business

  • Astrid Offermans (Participant / Attendee)

    Activity: Organizing, contributing or attending an eventOrganizing or contributing to an eventAcademic


    Humans have much more in common with animals, than we would often like to admit. Their behavior can teach us a lot about ourselves as well. How are they organized as groups, how do they divide power amongst themselves, how do they work together and is there a difference in animal groups lead by males or females?
    In this workshop we will start, free of judgement as real biologists do, to observe different groups of animals. It will teach us how to best observe teams and group functioning in an unbiased way, but also to signalize certain characteristics in team dynamics and their consequences. All of this in the inspirational setting of a real ZOO.

    Learning goals:
    The aim of this workshop is to reflect on human group functioning in the context of the animal world. More specifically, after the workshop, you will know:

    - How to observe without prejudice;
    - Recognize different group dynamics;
    - See how the environment affects behavior;
    - Know the characteristics and effects of a leader (male/female) in different groups;
    - Reflect on your own behavior in a group.

    Period9 May 2018
    Event typeWorkshop
    LocationKerkrade, NetherlandsShow on map
    Degree of RecognitionLocal